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The Story So Far…

Our heroes gathered in the hamlet of Vinyard, drawn by tales of the lost city of Koralgesh and its famous keep nestled somewhere in the crags of Helm’s Peak. After questioning the descendant of the keep’s blacksmith, the party set out for the shrine of Pelor nestled against the volcano, following clues to a secret entrance that would grant them access to the keep. A battle against kobolds and shadow hounds at the shrine gave the party a fitful night, but the summer solstice revealed the secret entrance, and our heroes entered the mountain.

Roaming through natural tunnels rent by rivers of lava, the party fought everything from orcs to rats to spiders to crawling claws. A scrying pool gave them glimpses of the keep above, but they wisely decided to explore the caverns rather than leave their egress unknown. Already weighed down with treasure and items not seen in hundreds of years, they are eager to find more and carve a name for themselves in the annals of history.


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